Kate Spade Surprise Sale! Up to 75% off!

I absolutely love when KS throws surprise sales…they’re the best. 

Here are a few items I’ve been lusting after! 



Other things

Hi Everyone! 

So sorry I went missing for this last week, I had a crazy week and had absolutely zero free time. I actually caught up on sleep on my drive to school and in the shower, probably not super healthy. I didn’t even have much homework, I just had so much on my mind. Now that the week is winding down, I realize that this weekend I actually have a ton of homework to do and no time. I have plans Friday night to go into the city and catch up with a friend, Saturday night I’m going to another friend’s house and Sunday is my mom and I’s craft day. And of course, Saturday during the day is the Kentucky Derby, something I cannot miss. It’s one of my favorite things on this earth, I watch it every year with my mom and dad. It’s become a tradition! Anyways, all of the above had nothing to do with what I was originally going to post about…oh well! It just shows how exhausted I am. 

Anyways, I was originally going to post about Pinterest and how much I love it, but this post is already long enough and it’s getting late. 

Here is the link to my account (just for my blog, I do have a personal though)

(I just started it, not too many pins…yet!)

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Feel free to email with any questions or comments! 

Woke Up Late: Springtime Outfits

I struggle to get up in the mornings sometimes, I’m getting better but I do still have those days. I absolutely hate feeling rushed and going to school looking like a slob, so I always have a backup outfit on hand. It’s simple and takes almost no time to put together. If I don’t have time to stand in front of the mirror messing with my crazy hair, I throw it in a simple braid or even a quick bun. Stripes are my go to pattern, they look great with almost anything and are an easy preppy essential.



Shoes- Sperry Top-Siders 

Watch- Sperry Top-Sider Kinney Watch

Jeans- J.Crew Cropped Straight and Narrow Jeans in Indigo Wash

Shirt- Saint James for J.Crew Three-Quarter Sleeve Tee

Earrings- Manhattan Pearls (Freshwater) 



Spring Cleaning!

I am such a neat freak. I love cleaning everything and anything. I clean my room every night once I finish homework, I tidy up before I leave in the morning and I always dedicate at least one day a week to a complete clean out. Although, you’d think I would run out of things to clean, I don’t. I color code my closet, I organize my desk by most important materials, I even store my pens in order of color. My bedroom is like my very own sanctuary. I know where everything is and I always leave it exactly the way I found it. I especially love the top of my dresser, that’s where I keep all of my special stuff. I have my five favorite essay nail polishes, my perfumes, and of course my headbands. If anyone knows anything about me, it’s that my headbands and perfumes are my prized possessions. I never ever let anyone touch them or use them. I don’t have many perfumes, but the ones I have I absolutely love. I have Beachy by Lilly Pulitzer, Miss Dior by Christian Dior, Stay by Gap, J’adore by Dior and I have a lot of perfumes without names that my mom has got for me on her trips. I’ve also collected so many different headbands in so many different styles and colors over the years. 

Anyways, back to the subject of this post, spring cleaning time is finally here! This means, I can finally do a giant clean out! For me, cleaning doesn’t just mean cleaning my room/house, it means cleaning everything! I go through my makeup, jewelry, clothes, email, computer, texts, contacts etc and I clean it all out! I delete miscellaneous texts, emails and contacts and I get rid of all my old clothes. 

Happy spring cleaning to everyone! 

Cold In The City

Tomorrow, I’m heading into the city to meet my friend who I haven’t seen in almost two months. I’m taking the train in and then we’re planning to do some shopping and get a coffee. The weather report seems rather mild, but it’s always colder than predicted when walking around the city streets. So I planned my outfit on polyvore (wonderful site!) and I will upload a screenshot of it. It’s a rather relaxed outfit, but somehow it just looks rather put together! 



Trench Coat- Naf Naf (French Brand) 

Boots- Franco Sarto Poet Riding Boots

Shirt- Ralph Lauren ‘megan’ Oxford Shirt

Jeans- J.Crew Vintage straight Jean (Old Faith Wash) 

Scarf- Isabel Benenato Knit Scarf

Bag- Longchamp Le Pilage 

Earrings- Bounkit Freshwater Pearl Earrings