Kate Spade Surprise Sale! Up to 75% off!

I absolutely love when KS throws surprise sales…they’re the best. 

Here are a few items I’ve been lusting after! 



Mother’s Day!

Lots of people say they have the best mom, but I can honestly say my mom is the best mom in the entire world. She’s really strict and has super high expectations but doesn’t hesitate to help me with anything. She’s really funny! My mom doesn’t know anything about computers or phones or any tech item. She called the Honda dealership to make an appointment for them to change her radio presets just because she didn’t know how easy it is. 

When we go shopping together, we have so much fun. She’s always vocal about her opinions and so am I, so shopping together is a blast. When we travel together, it’s even better. 

So, happy Mother’s Day to the best mommy in the entire world and to all the mothers out there! 





Super Simple Makeup

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the lack of posting, I thought I posted the other night, but it didn’t upload! 
I thought I’d do a quick little post on how I do my makeup every morning, its super simple. I’ve never been one to wear lots of makeup, I don’t like clogging my pores and I also hate spending more than 10 minutes doing it. I spend so much time doing my hair that makeup is super quick and nothing extreme. 

1. Moisturize! It’s one of the most important parts of my morning, if I forget it bothers me for the entire day. I use Cetaphil just because it isn’t too expensive and works well. I used to use one from Bliss, but I ran out and never got more. 

2. Eyes…a little bit of mascara (Covergirl) and eyelash curler. I can’t live without my curler, it makes my lashes less droopy and more playful. I really like mine, I got it from Target for about $10. 

3. Bronzer. Super light and quick. Just one or two strokes across my face does the trick. Usually I put a little of moisturizer over the bronzer, this makes it even lighter looking and also helps it stay on for the day. 

4. Lips…this is my favorite. I love chapstick and lip balm. I don’t ever wear lipstick though, I hate having to make sure its not smudged. I use either baby lips or just regular chapstick brand. They both work really well and give my lips a little bit of shine without overwhelming color.

Voila! My five to six minute daily makeup routine. Super simple, classy looking and not expensive! 

Other things

Hi Everyone! 

So sorry I went missing for this last week, I had a crazy week and had absolutely zero free time. I actually caught up on sleep on my drive to school and in the shower, probably not super healthy. I didn’t even have much homework, I just had so much on my mind. Now that the week is winding down, I realize that this weekend I actually have a ton of homework to do and no time. I have plans Friday night to go into the city and catch up with a friend, Saturday night I’m going to another friend’s house and Sunday is my mom and I’s craft day. And of course, Saturday during the day is the Kentucky Derby, something I cannot miss. It’s one of my favorite things on this earth, I watch it every year with my mom and dad. It’s become a tradition! Anyways, all of the above had nothing to do with what I was originally going to post about…oh well! It just shows how exhausted I am. 

Anyways, I was originally going to post about Pinterest and how much I love it, but this post is already long enough and it’s getting late. 

Here is the link to my account (just for my blog, I do have a personal though)

(I just started it, not too many pins…yet!)

My tumblr


And of course, my email 


Feel free to email with any questions or comments! 

Polka Dots and Stripes!

If there’s one thing I absolutely love, its stripes and polka dots. Stripes are much easier to come by in stores, but polka dots are just as cute. Personally, I think stripes are a little bit more grown up and professional and polka dots are fun and playful, but everyone should have both of those sides, so they’re both perfect! Even though I absolutely love the idea of polka dots, something always stops me from buying them. I’ve got a few spotted things in my closet, but not nearly as many stripes. I guess that’s ok, though. I recently have had to stop myself from shopping just because I cannot possibly own one more striped thing. I finally caved, and went shopping today. I just couldn’t resist the offer to go to my local J.Crew, Banana Republic, Gap etc. They’re all just irresistible. I ended up having a ton of fun, and I don’t feel guilty at all! 

These are my two favorite purchases of the trip, but there were many others that I loved just as much, and a few I had to leave at the store. I will be going back soon to get those things, we just figured it was a little too much to buy all in one day. 




What do you preppies think? 

What’s your favorite piece of striped or polka dotted prepwear?