Super Simple Makeup

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the lack of posting, I thought I posted the other night, but it didn’t upload! 
I thought I’d do a quick little post on how I do my makeup every morning, its super simple. I’ve never been one to wear lots of makeup, I don’t like clogging my pores and I also hate spending more than 10 minutes doing it. I spend so much time doing my hair that makeup is super quick and nothing extreme. 

1. Moisturize! It’s one of the most important parts of my morning, if I forget it bothers me for the entire day. I use Cetaphil just because it isn’t too expensive and works well. I used to use one from Bliss, but I ran out and never got more. 

2. Eyes…a little bit of mascara (Covergirl) and eyelash curler. I can’t live without my curler, it makes my lashes less droopy and more playful. I really like mine, I got it from Target for about $10. 

3. Bronzer. Super light and quick. Just one or two strokes across my face does the trick. Usually I put a little of moisturizer over the bronzer, this makes it even lighter looking and also helps it stay on for the day. 

4. Lips…this is my favorite. I love chapstick and lip balm. I don’t ever wear lipstick though, I hate having to make sure its not smudged. I use either baby lips or just regular chapstick brand. They both work really well and give my lips a little bit of shine without overwhelming color.

Voila! My five to six minute daily makeup routine. Super simple, classy looking and not expensive! 


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