Merry Christmas little prepites! 

Hope everyone’s holiday seasons were bountiful and family filled! Not to be a total consumer, but what was your best present? Or even better, the best one you gave? 

This year, I underestimated the amount I was going to spend on gifts for friends, so my families gifts were unfortunately a little less than usual, but still thoughtful gifts. I gave my three best friends necklaces that when put together say something along the lines of “best friends.” Although this may seem like a fourth grade gift, I think they’ll really like them, at least once they arrive! I ordered them a little to late and didn’t realize they would be shipping from Asia, so they weren’t here for them to open. 

The best present I got was a gift from my parents and grandmother. I’ve been dying to repaint my bedroom and get new furniture, so I am finally doing that! My grandmother is helping me paint the room, a soft pink, sometime next week. My mom is taking me to a local Ikea, where I’m going to get a new desk and possibly a dresser. 

I also got other presents which I absolutely adore! 

Merry Christmas everyone! 


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