Being preppy is almost 75% about your look. You have to be neat and clean and always look presentable (at least when people will be seeing you!) Something that makes preps stand out is their hair, walking around with a greasy rats nest on your head is the biggest no no! I brush my hair at least three times a day, before bed, in the morning and in the shower. It’s important to keep nots and tangles away. I can’t stand having my hair all tangled, it bugs me for the entire day. 

Everyone has bad hair days and an easy fix is an easy high bun or a braid. If I wake up late, or am not feeling up to doing my hair, I just put it up and throw a clip in and it looks almost as good as a braided look or something fancier. I try to wear my hair up as little as possible, since its not as nice, and isn’t quite as preppy. Braids are life savers, there are so many different kinds that they never get repetitive or boring. Theres fishtails, waterfalls, snake braids and so many more,some that I haven’t even tried yet! Although braids are interesting and unique, they do get boring so vary your hairstyles by throwing in a headband or some bows! 

Hair is fun to style and mess around with so find a variation in different do’s and have fun looking unique and preppy! 


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